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“I raked leaves off my entire sidewalk today and I realized that due to my back injury I had not been able to do that in YEARS. I went to four PTs and two specialists before I found Chason. He didn’t judge me when I came to him (crying) at the absolute end of my rope and he’s been a rock of guidance and support through my recovery. We have such a fun time and I feel good about taking up running and tennis again since I know my body will recover with Chason helping me. His team is awesome (shout out to Katherine and Thomas!). Even if it’s out of your way, you should go see Chason. He can help when other therapists can’t.”

~Brenda Tincher

“Im an IFBB Professional bodybuilder who injured my back weight training a year and a half ago. I’ve worked with Chason at ReVerve for a total of 16 months after that and can say my recovery from working with him has been absolutely amazing. He understands the kind of work us competitors put our bodies through and he works to get us back to our healthiest state to be able to continue doing what we love.

“Chason also works with those who aren’t competitive athletes and does an amazing job with them. I’ve referred a few friends and they all have come back with positive feedback and stories of recovery.”

~Keenan Polanco

“I had a major knee injury from indoor soccer (tore ACL, meniscus, sprained MCL, and had cartilage damage as well). I had to have two separate surgeries over the course of 2 years.

“Chason and his team worked with me every step of the way, using state-of-the-art technology and techniques. I’m now back to playing soccer, running my typical 10-15 miles/week, and other similar activities. Chason and his colleagues have been true partners in this recovery journey helping me to maintain my perspective and patience throughout. I would highly recommend their practice.

“I had other issues as well, associated with desk-work induced shoulder pain, etc. that Chason helped me to resolve completely. Chason helped me devise an exercise routine that I’m confident will prevent me from having to have rotator-cuff surgery.

Chason and his colleagues are the best!”

~Brenton Twitchell

“Chason treated my post-concussion syndrome using Bioflex redlight therapy, which helped me see a noticeable difference in my symptoms. He was incredibly friendly and always willing to brainstorm additional treatment options and lifestyle changes to help me with my recovery. I’d highly recommend ReVerve, as Chason and his staff truly care about their patients.”

~Peter Harvey

“I’ve been seeing Chason for the treatment of gait Dystonia for the past couple of months. As a Physical Therapist myself, I’m especially impressed with his thoughtful and specialized approach to this somewhat rare and baffling neurological condition. I’m always inspired by his enthusiasm for new challenges as my symptoms fluctuate and his ability to re-assess and modify the treatment plan accordingly. In addition to excellent manual therapy and prescriptive exercises, he uses NeuFit E-stim device for gait training which has helped tremendously with my gait pattern. I’ve seen many other PTs through the years for my condition, but he stands heads above the rest! Chason is also very compassionate, caring, relatable and empathetic which are essential qualities for a great patient/therapist relationship. I highly recommend Chason and his clinic!”

~Sunny Rubin

“I have been going to ReVerve for over two years now.

My health condition is fairly complex — I have the most aggressive form of MS (PPMS). By definition, that means an optimal outcome is really to just slow the progressive nature of the disease down (not an easy task!)…it sucks but at least I’m doing something about it by working with Chason/team leveraging their unique skill set and cutting edge equipment to be able to combat a neurological chronic generative disease like MS…and it is a disease which really can only be serviced by a very small circle of PT therapists in WA state and even the world. Nevertheless, I find it hard to believe any of those guys would possess the same empathy for their clients as ReVerve!

It is not a form of hyperbole to say I love working with Chason (pretty much my exclusive therapist) and Sarah (she has pinch hit for a some sessions over the years)!”

~Dean Scalzo

“Chason is the person to see if you need physical therapy. He listened to me, gave good advice and shot down bad advice. He helped me through the pain, encouraged me when I was at my lowest, and got me back to work and we are on our way to pain free relaxin’. Thank you!”

~Ben Sherman

“Chason is an amazing physical therapist! I have been working with him for the last 3 months for chronic shoulder pain. He is very friendly and kind and it’s evident that he truly cares for his patients. He has worked with me to create a plan of treatment and gives me exercises that I can do at home, and my shoulder is feeling the best it has in years! He really works to get to the root cause of issues, explains everything to me so that I can understand why I do the exercises that I do, and works with long-term goals in mind so that my body can be strong and pain-free for many years to come!”

~Ellie Tanaka

“Chason is a miracle worker! He truly cares about his patients and is incredibly kind, dedicated, and knowledgeable. I thought I was doomed to a life of chronic pain until I started seeing Chason. Would highly recommend to anyone!”

~Brenna Vertz

“I have been seeing Chason Hendryx, owner of ReVerve Physical Therapy, for numerous months for nerve pain. Chason is very experienced, knowledgeable, and up-to-date on therapies for nerve pain. He is professional, compassionate, and incredibly friendly. He made sessions fun…especially our conversations about our beloved Seahawks!”

“Thanks Chason for caring!”

~Annette Johnson

“I had reconstructive knee surgery 20 years ago and after starting to work with Chason last year, my knee and entire leg have been transformed. His holistic and knowledgeable approach, including using the Neufit Nuebie, have helped me regain nearly all of my original strength, stability, and mobility!”

~Abigail – 44 years old, dog mom, avid cycler and weight lifter

“Our daughter is a committed athlete, but painful shin splints we’re making it difficult for her to participate in the sport that she loves. Chason not only provided the therapeutic care that she needed to get back on the field, but also taught her how new approaches to movement and future self-care could help her going forward. She competed all season pain-free because of his care.”