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“Chason is the person to see if you need physical therapy. He listened to me, gave good advice and shot down bad advice. He helped me through the pain, encouraged me when I was at my lowest, and got me back to work and we are on our way to pain free relaxin’. Thank you!”

~Ben Sherman

“Chason is an amazing physical therapist! I have been working with him for the last 3 months for chronic shoulder pain. He is very friendly and kind and it’s evident that he truly cares for his patients. He has worked with me to create a plan of treatment and gives me exercises that I can do at home, and my shoulder is feeling the best it has in years! He really works to get to the root cause of issues, explains everything to me so that I can understand why I do the exercises that I do, and works with long-term goals in mind so that my body can be strong and pain-free for many years to come!”

~Ellie Tanaka

“Chason is a miracle worker! He truly cares about his patients and is incredibly kind, dedicated, and knowledgeable. I thought I was doomed to a life of chronic pain until I started seeing Chason. Would highly recommend to anyone!”

~Brenna Vertz

“I have been seeing Chason Hendryx, owner of ReVerve Physical Therapy, for numerous months for nerve pain. Chason is very experienced, knowledgeable, and up-to-date on therapies for nerve pain. He is professional, compassionate, and incredibly friendly. He made sessions fun…especially our conversations about our beloved Seahawks!”

“Thanks Chason for caring!”

~Annette Johnson

“I had reconstructive knee surgery 20 years ago and after starting to work with Chason last year, my knee and entire leg have been transformed. His holistic and knowledgeable approach, including using the Neufit Nuebie, have helped me regain nearly all of my original strength, stability, and mobility!”

~Abigail – 44 years old, dog mom, avid cycler and weight lifter

“Our daughter is a committed athlete, but painful shin splints we’re making it difficult for her to participate in the sport that she loves. Chason not only provided the therapeutic care that she needed to get back on the field, but also taught her how new approaches to movement and future self-care could help her going forward. She competed all season pain-free because of his care.”