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Find Joy in Movement

Find Joy in Movement

The ReVerve Method

We are rethinking physical therapy to help you reach top physical fitness. If you are in pain or looking to increase your athletic performance, physical therapy should be the first place you turn.

Our proven treatment approach centers on finding the root cause of your pain or issue, not just treating the symptom. Then we set out a comprehensive, detailed plan to help you get better. This ensures you receive holistic treatment that fosters healing, educates, inspires, and motivates you to achieve your optimum health.

Our approach combines five key components, tailored to your unique needs.


Optimal Health:

Your overall health is critical to addressing specific issues. As such, we begin by assessing how inflammation, gut health, nutrition sleep, and distress management may be affecting your life. Also, we consider your overall health goals and ensure you have a cohesive team to meet those goals.

Step 1


We use hands-on manual therapy to manipulate and mobilize joints, fascia, and soft tissue to help prepare your body for optimal movement. We will also teach you how to do this at home and provide drills to dynamically improve joint range of motion.

Step 2


With mobility you must have stability to provide the foundation for efficient movement. We will teach you principles of dynamic neuromuscular stabilization to stabilize your body from center to extremities to reduce joint pain and improve force distribution.

Step 3


We use apply cutting-edge technologies, like the NeuFit NEUBIE, that retrain your body to operate more effectively and efficiently, as well as hands-on techniques such as proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation [PNF] to help you achieve proper firing of your muscles in appropriate patterns.

Step 4


Through movement analysis and integration of your movement patterns we ensure that you are using your new mobility, stability, and activation as an integrated whole to return to the activities you love. We will build tailored exercise routines for you to strengthen these successes at home.

Step 5

Your personalized, on-call care.

At ReVerve, we provide you committed, individual time with no distractions and with no fill-ins. Between appointments, we make ourselves available by phone, email and text to answer questions, help with exercises, and address any issues that may arise. You benefit from the relationship with your provider and personalized, expert advice.

We will help you work towards your optimum health.

Physical therapy is a core part of your long-term health. In addition to helping you to address your overall health, we will work in collaboration with your broader health care team, including your primary care doctor, nutritionist, naturopath, chiropractor, personal trainer, or coach. We communicate effectively with you and your team, and we are committed to making sure you achieve your goals.

What you can expect at ReVerve

  • We get to know you, your journey, and where you want to go
  • You receive experienced hands-on work to help alleviate your pain and foster healing
  • You can receive advanced nervous system re-programming with the Neufit/NEUBIE
  • We will help you understand the complexities of your pain and work together to change it
  • You will have time to practice movements and re-educate your body to move better
  • We will provide you a personalized plan tailored to your needs, close follow-up, and ongoing contact
  • And yes, homework to continue your healing at home