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Reach Your Potential

Reach Your Potential

We are the Regional Leader Working with Neufit Technology

At ReVerve we are constantly investing in new tools and technology to help you achieve your goals. One of the most exciting developments is a next-generation electrical stimulation system by NeuFit, called NEUBIE. ReVerve was the first physical therapy clinic in Seattle to be licensed and use the NEUBIE.

We have seen incredible success in reducing chronic pain, accelerating rehabilitation, and improving athletic performance.

Next Generation Electrical Stimulation System by NeuFit

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What is the NEUBIE?

The NEUBIE device is the first-ever to stimulate both your muscles and the nervous system that controls every movement. This means, you can reprogram your mind and muscles together to overcome trauma like surgery where the brain has “shut off” the muscles or increase your strength and mobility by “encouraging” your whole neuromuscular system to work harder and more efficiently together.

Who benefits from the NEUBIE?

Many patients at ReVerve have benefited from the NEUBIE, such as:

  • People managing MS and needing to improve walking and decrease fatigue.
  • Strength athletes looking for better glute activation, less shoulder pain, or improved overhead mobility.
  • Runners working to improve hip and back mobility and decrease knee or foot pain.
  • People with chronic low back pain that hasn’t been alleviated by other treatments.
  • People with atrophy from a problem with pain and nerve damage.
  • People with chronic over-tight and painful muscle guarding in neck, shoulder, or low back.
  • Post-operative patients, such as ACL or total knee, needing to restore neuromuscular activation and control of muscles.

How does the NEUBIE work?

Traditional electrical stimulation only activates your muscles, which is only half of the equation, so it does not produce long-term improvements in your body’s movements and mechanics. The NEUBIE pinpoints the places where muscles are not working properly and re-programs your brain and muscles together.

Why does it matter for me?

Reaching optimum fitness requires a holistic perspective on how your muscles and the nervous system work together. Using the NEUBIE allows us to identify and address root problems, not just the symptoms. This can lead to long-lasting healing and a more active, pain-free life.

The NEUBIE Electrical Stimulation System Can Help You

Reduce pain

Pain is not experienced in your muscles or bones. It is experienced in your brain. Usually the brain “feels” pain to alter your behavior, so that you step away from the threat – real or perceived – to your health and wellbeing.

Pain is generated by dysfunctional tissue, but sometimes pain remains, even after an injury has healed. The NEUBIE can help you manage acute pain as well as reprogram your brain to “turn down” chronic pain so you can fire your muscle patterns correctly.

Example of rehabilitation with NEUBIE at NeuFit Headquarters.

Example of rehabilitation with NEUBIE at NeuFit Headquarters.

Accelerate rehabilitation

Poor neuromuscular control is often the precursor for injury. Every time we move our bodies we are asking it to react to force. If our muscles aren’t pliable enough, then we can’t absorb the force in a safe way for our muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.

When we’re injured, our bodies compensate for this injury by limiting movement. The NEUBIE addresses this dysfunction by re-educating your muscles to work properly, optimizing their function, and increasing blood flow to promote healing.

Improve performance

Athletic performance is highly dependent on the nervous system. Your brain prioritizes survival and often “puts on the brakes” to limit your performance so that you don’t get injured and threaten your survival.

Targeted, neurological interventions can moderate the “brake” safely and increase your performance. Through specialized mobility drills, neurological re-education with the NEUBIE, and doses of eccentric movement, we train your nervous system and muscles to better absorb shock and produce force.


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Chason Hendryx, PT, DPT, is the founder and owner of Reverve Physical Therapy in Seattle, Washington (@reverve_revolution on IG). In this episode, he describes his years of experience focusing on manual therapy and how adding the Neubie has enabled him to "speak to" his patients' nervous systems in new ways that complement his other modalities and help make the results "stickier."

He also provides some insights into the range of patients he's seeing across the continuum of care -- including the ones he's been transitioning from rehabilitation into work on long-term performance. ⁠

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