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How to Set Goals for your Long-term Health

What are your goals for daily exercise, movement, and fun? Do you love walking, going to the gym, hikes, or wrestling with the kids? Do you have a big goal? It can be anything, like walking all the way around Greenlake, running a race, or climbing Rainier.

And what are your long-term goals? How active do you hope to be as you get older?

These are questions I ask and help my clients think through. It is important to have a plan – to keep your long-term goals in mind as you work on the near-term rehabilitation, performance, and prevention goals you may have.

When thinking about long-term physical health, keep these things in mind:

  • Be intentional. Design a plan that meets your short-term goals while keeping your long-term health in mind.
  • Sustainable. Ensure your plan can work for weeks, months, and years. Without consistency, the best strategies won’t work.
  • Integrate. Set out easy ways to incorporate your movement and exercise plan into your daily life. When possible schedule and block time for your exercise.
  • Have fun! The best exercise is the one that you enjoy. It is very difficult to stay consistent with something you don’t like. So, if you hate the gym, find a more creative place to exercise!
  • Find a guide. Build a support network of friends and family to help design and establish your practice to meet your goal. This is a role I fill for many of my clients.

So, what is your plan? Get out a piece of paper and write it down. Start with just one goal you can achieve in the next week, then think about the next month, 1 year, etc. Imagine where you want to be when you are 90.

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