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Expect Excellence!

woman's neuromuscular re-education training squat with NeuFit NEUBIE

At ReVerve it is our mission to help you excel in your recovery, sports performance, and injury prevention. We live this out every day with each one of our patients and we want you to expect excellence from yourself and from ReVerve in the process. Physical therapy has immense potential to be your life-long resource for your health and performance.

woman's goblet squat with kettlebell in physical therapy for stability training

We are rethinking physical therapy ā€“ applying cutting edge concepts in a comprehensive package ā€“ to help you reach top physical fitness and optimum health. Our approach can be summed up in the 5 steps of the ReVerve Method:

1. Optimal Health:

We take a holistic view, assessing the role of things like inflammation, gut health, nutrition sleep, and distress management play in your progress, and make sure you get the support you need. Then, we will look at your overall health goals and make sure that you have a cohesive approach and team to meet those goals.

woman's deadlift training in physical therapy for back stability

2. Mobilize:

We use hands-on manual therapy to manipulate and mobilize joints, fascia, and soft tissue to help prepare your body for optimal movement. We will also teach you how to do this at home for yourself, and drills to dynamically improve joint range of motion.

3. Stabilize:

With mobility, you must have stability to provide the foundation for efficient movement. We will teach you principles of dynamic neuromuscular stabilization to balance your body from center to extremities to reduce joint pain and improve your movement and performance.

4. Activate:

We use apply cutting-edge technologies, like the NeuFit NEUBIE electrical stimulation, that retrain your body to operate more effectively and efficiently, as well as hands-on techniques such as proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation [PNF] to help you achieve proper firing of your muscles in the right patterns.

woman's deadlift training in physical therapy for low back stability

5. Integrate:

Through movement analysis, detailed coaching, and specialized exercises we ensure that you are using your new mobility, stability, and activation as an integrated whole to return to the activities you love. We will build tailored programs for you to strengthen these successes at home.

What you can expect from the ReVerve method:

We are excited at the opportunity to work together toward your goals. Please contact us through our website if you have questions about how we can help you.

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