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Recover Faster & Reduce Pain

Recover Faster & Reduce Pain

Amplify Your Healing With BIOFLEX Red Light Therapy

"Chason treated my post-concussion syndrome using Bioflex redlight therapy, which helped me see a noticeable difference in my symptoms. He was incredibly friendly and always willing to brainstorm additional treatment options and lifestyle changes to help me with my recovery. I’d highly recommend ReVerve, as Chason and his staff truly care about their patients."
~Peter Harvey

Proven to Heal Tissue, Reduce Inflammation & Reduce Pain

Red light therapy is an exciting new tool at ReVerve that will help our patients. Numerous medical studies have shown it to be effective in accelerating healing (1). It is a great complement to the exercise and manual therapy that we offer here. It improves healing in not only tendons and muscles, but also in bones and cartilage by producing energy at the cellular level.

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Why Does It Work?

Low Level Laser Therapy works by utilizing LED panels and low-power lasers that emit red light at specific wavelengths. This light penetrates the skin and is absorbed by the body's cells. This stimulates ATP production, which is the energy source for all cellular functions. This improves tissue repair, cell division, and also modulates inflammation.

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What Does The BIOFLEX Treatment Look Like?

Treatment is typically 2-3 times a week for 6 weeks. Each treatment lasts 45 minutes. You lie down while the laser is applied to your body. It is a passive treatment that does not involve exercise on your end.

While there are consumer grade red-light units available now, BIOFLEX is different. It is a powerful medical-grade device that requires certification to purchase and use.

We find red light therapy to be powerful and effective. However, a common difficulty that patients report is the time commitment. Talk to us to see if the BIOFLEX treatment would be beneficial for you.

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